Honda is Brand History Will Enchant You

Honda is Brand History Will Enchant You

Honda History

The history of the Honda brand… where does the name come from? In 1906, he came from a family of 11 inhabitants near Hamamatsu. Soichiro Honda… the bicycle repairman begins his first acquaintance with mechanics by helping his father. He began to study metallurgical and soon he designed a great project on the piston segment in his head.

The curious and resourceful young Honda spent most of his spare time in repairs to realize his invention. Ignoring the financial difficulties his wife faced to sell her jewellery, Soichiro Honda focused on finishing the project he planned. Years in a row, he felt that he was getting closer to his goal and finally completed his project. After completing the project, the product presented to Toyota, but the product was rejected by Toyota on the grounds that it did not meet the standards. What about after?

Honda Brand History and Development

Honda persists and continues his work without a break. After 2 years, the project has been revised and submitted to Toyota and accepted. The product will be purchased by Toyota. Then, Honda decides to set up her own factory. At that time, because the country was preparing for war, the search for concrete on Honda’s factory wall was turned down. With friends in the team seek and find ways to produce their own cement. Finally, the factory is established.

Honda Brand Date Factory Installed

The factory is set up, but with an unexpected surprise, the second world war suddenly collapses like a dark cloud. Major manufacturing divisions of the factory are bombed twice until the war begins. So what does Honda do next? He sets out to collect gasoline cans that the US army has launched and named them Truman’s Gifts. Because the main purpose is to use the tins he collects as raw materials in his own manufacturing. There is no such raw material in Japan during the second world war. In the end, I left all the negativity behind me, and this time an earthquake, the factory is destroyed. At that time, Honda decides to sell the piston operation to Toyota.

When the war is concluded, Japan’s situation is a disaster. The country was in turmoil and famine. There was no gas in particular. While looking for ways to solve this problem, Honda has assembled two-time 500 units of the engine from the military to the bikes it has power. He also decided to strengthen his bicycles with the transmission belt. Thus, the first ‘ Honda motorcycle ‘ was actually revealed. It was practical, absolutely skillfully crafted, simple and economical to use, forcing the limits of demand on this motorbike. Consuming the engines he supplied from the military,

After that

Honda decided to set up a factory, but he didn’t have enough money for it. Honda has sent letters to all bikers across the country about his project and asked for financial support. About 4500 of the bikers have agreed to support. Honda explained the idea that this invention would give Japan Life in a great way.

Production has started, but another situation has emerged. Users complained that motorbikes were too heavy. Honda solved this problem. It’s a lot lighter and a little smaller, and it’s made a new model called Super Cub. Honda was awarded an imperial medal for success in one night. After that, he started exporting his motorbikes. Then what happened?

The Super-brain Honda entered the automobile sector in the 1970s. And he’s on his way to the Honda we know today.

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