Honda Shuttle (1995 – 2000)

Honda Shuttle (1995 - 2000)


A latecomer to the People Carrying MPV insurgency, Honda presented their Shuttle in June 1995. At first, it was overrated new, at that point decreased. All the more as of late it got a bigger motor and some minor styling changes. On the utilized scene, it costs minimal more than the mass-advertise choices yet comes by and large better furnished with the programmed transmission as standard. Well worth considering.


Models Covered: 2.2-liter (4cyl 6-situate ES, 7-situate LS, 6-situate SE); 2.3-liter (4cyl 7-situate LS, LS Executive; 6-situate ES, ES Executive)


With just a solitary 2.2-liter four-barrel petroleum motor model (no diesels), programmed just transmission and a seating limit of close to six, the main Shuttle battled in the showrooms. Costs were sliced in June 1997 with the presentation of an updated and extended territory. The underlying single high-spec ES was supplanted by a seven-situate section level LS and a plusher six-situate SE. Both had cooling as standard and shared the first auto’s four-chamber 2,156cc motor. In February 1998 the Shuttle got another 2.3-liter VTEC motor (with a similar power yield as the 2.2) and some minor styling changes including another grille and guards in addition to a body shading rooftop spoiler.

The standard programmed transmission was amended to give smoother moves, the brakes were updated with an electronic weight conveyance framework and the instrument board picked up a rev counter and advanced mileage recorder. The passage level auto was again a seven-situate LS with twin airbags, automated stopping devices, cooling and power windows and mirrors. On the other hand, purchasers could pick the six-situate ES which likewise had voyage control, compound wheels, an electric sunroof, rooftop rails and body-hued entryway handles and mirrors.

In February 1999 Honda included Executive renditions of both the LS and ES to the range. These have cowhide upholstery and a CD player however are very uncommon on the utilized market. The range was eliminated late in 2000.

What You Get

In the driver’s seat, you sit high up, however, the way that the driving position isn’t exactly as grandiose as some different MPVs loans trustworthiness to the Shuttle’s auto like goals and also making it to a lesser degree a culture stun for first-time clients. What will astound them is the manner in which that the smooth lodge figures out how to gobble up to six or seven individuals with such vaporous ease. Honda made a decent attempt to re-make the extensive air of a private stream (henceforth the auto’s unique `PJ` idea code-name), giving wide individual `Captain’s` seats to both the upfront line travellers in the six-situate models. The seven-situate models have an agreeable three-man seat in the middle column. The driver and front traveller sit high, while the seats of their voyaging buddies quickly behind can be expelled totally should a huge load region be required.

At the plain back, there’s a perfect answer for the periodic requirement for additional settlement – a two-man seat that folds cunningly into the floor when out of utilization. Regularly, this would be a claustrophobic place to ride, yet the space-sparing utilization of a section mounted programmed transmission selector lever has empowered Honda to leave a restricted passageway that, in the six-seater, extends airship style the distance to the front. This obviously implies mum or father can storm back to isolate quarrelling kids without leaving the car.

You should discover nonetheless, that your posterity (or some other willing travellers end up like that) will be agreeably astonished by the Shuttle `experience`. While more youthful ones will joyously stack their coke jars into the recessed seat-mounted glass holders, even awkward more established explorers will get themselves ready to make full utilization of the six-seater’s `aisle` by extending right and leaning back their seats to appreciate the all-encompassing perspectives.

What to Look For

Almost no: the auto has a tendency to demonstrate typically dependable. A full administration history is best. Similarly as with all MPVs, check for stopping knocks and scratches, in addition to inside harm caused by over-energetic youngsters.

New Parts

(in view of a P-reg 2.2ES – approx ex-Vat) A full fumes framework (barring impetus) is around £100. Front and back brake cushions are around £60 per set separately. A starter engine is around £270, a radiator around £180, an alternator around £295 and a front headlamp around £145.

On the Road

Some MPVs are basically vans with additional windows and drive as needs are. Not this one. No lesser judge than ex-Grand Prix driver Jonathan Palmer at dispatch articulated its taking care of the equivalent of any official saloon. All-wishbone suspension – an uncommon extravagance in a street auto – ensures sheltered, unsurprising taking care of without the sort of reel and roll you’d ordinarily expect in a tall vehicle of this kind. All of which permits the execution (rest to sixty in less than twelve seconds while in transit to 114mph) to be utilized to the full by means of the programmed gearbox (there’s no manual option).

The Shuttle was intentionally intended to react along these lines with a specific end goal to coordinate its planned job as an extravagance auto as opposed to a business bearer – or in fact, a family hold-all. Indeed, however, Honda keep up that it was composed of a spotless sheet of paper, it owes much (counting its smooth sixteen valve motor), to upmarket adaptations of the pre-1998 Accord cantina.

Generally speaking

It costs about the same as a lesser-determined Ford Galaxy and is well worth considering. Construct quality is vastly improved and that stroll through path course of action is exceptionally down to earth for families – regardless of whether it restricts you to the six-seater renditions.

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